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We encourage you submit a challenge that is related to your experience with household food insecurity.

Try brainstorming a Wicked Question or two. These wicked questions engage everyone in sharper strategic thinking by revealing entangled challenges and possibilities that are not intuitively obvious. They bring to light paradoxical-yet-complementary forces that are constantly influencing behaviors and that are particularly important during change efforts. Wicked Questions make it possible to expose safely the tension between espoused strategies and on-the-ground circumstances and to discover the valuable strategies that lie deeply hidden in paradoxical waters.

To prepare your challenge, ask you team: “What opposing-yet-complementary strategies do we need to pursue simultaneously in order to be successful?”

Use the following template, “How is it that we are … and we are … simultaneously?” as the sentence to complete by inserting the two opposite strategies that are at play.

Examples of wicked questions that pose challenges are:

  • How can we meet emergency food needs and building capacity so that emergency food is no longer needed?

  • How can we reach a wide number of people that need help, and maximize the impact of our organization on each individual?


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